Cream Heroes: Coffee Cream Liqueur with Tequila


Starting the year with great news, there is a new flavour in town!

Excited to be showcasing Cream Heroes latest innovation, Lily Cafetón!

Coffee is the new Cream Heroes flavour apportation to the market.

Lily Cafetón represents the essense of two of the most appreciated treasures of Latinoamerica: tequila and coffee. The result is this wonderfoul Coffee Cream Liqueur with Tequila for every coffee lover.

Taste it like you want to!

Think in the mix of cream, tequila and coffee and you will be thinking about Lily Cafetón. Its special combination makes it the preferent RTD of the young people.

Additionally, have you ever thought about the top secrect ingredient of Espresso Martini recipe? And, what about the Irish coffee?  We agree we could turn it into a Mexican coffee.

Let’s taste Lily Cafetón.

More than a coffee, a Cafetón!