Cream Heroes

The Cream Liqueur brand of choice appealing to Millennials and Gen Z consumers. Marked by bold, exotic, delicate, unexpected, and delicious hints that are sure to please all palates.


Cream Heroes Award

Cream Heroes brand

We can be better. We can do better.
Join our heroes and commit just like them to contribute to a better future. #BEOURHERO

Cream Heroes are inspired by the masked wrestlers of Mexico, in which each hero is represented by a unique and delicious flavor, committed to bring their gimmicks to fight for a better future. Capitan Freson a strawberry bubble of pure pleasure, Mariachi “El Mango” the Tequila Cream Liqueur that celebrates the joys, Lupita Pasion 1st Pasion fruit Tequila cream in the market & probably the most influential luchadora of all time, and Pancho Sandía, when the tradition meets de innovation.

Our Heroes contain 100% Tequila made in Mexico, from locally harvested and roasted agave piñas. Made only with natural ingredients mainly harvested in the Mediterranean region and in tropical areas.

Capitán Fresón